Chaudhry Nisar has Reject PMLN Ticket

Chaudhry Nisar has Reject PMLN Ticket

It is very bad news for PMLN Chaudhry Nisar has to reject PMLN ticket, Mian Shahbaz Sharif strongly emphasized that he had ticketed  to Nisar but he failed, Now PMLN are in danger, and they get big to lose, Now maybe  Circle of Chaudhry Nisar PMLN Candidate are not win

In a message, Nisar said: “I have said it before as well that I am not a contestant for party ticket nor dependent on it.”

The former interior minister said that he will speak openly on the matter after recovering from the ailment. “The people from Jaati Umrah should stop making themselves the butt of a joke, and refrain from insulting me by such childish acts,” he said.

The veteran politician added: “Has there been any precedence where senior party members who have been elected multiple times appear before the board to give an interview for the party ticket. Chaudhry Nisar submitted they’re for For NA 159 and PP12



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