PPP Sindh Assembly Ticket Holders – Candidates List Election 2018

PPP Names Candidates for National, Provincial Seats from Punjab

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has issued the 109 party tickets in Sindh to the Sindh Assembly Election candidates 2018. The polling in Sindh province along with other parts of Pakistan will be held on 25th July (Wednesday), 2018. While the PPP will contest on the party symbol of Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarian (PPPP). Which is Arrow election symbol? While PPP has election symbol of Sword.

PPP is a strong political party of Sindh province. Especially in rural Sindh its following is great. Although its performance remained not good in last 5 years of Rule in Sindh. It has notable support in interior Sindh.

PPP National Assembly Ticket Holders – Candidates List Election 2018

Serial No. Halqa No. PPP Candidate Name / Ticket Holder
1  PS-1 Jacobabad-I  Mir Aurangzaib Panhwar
2  PS-2 Jacobabad-II  Dr. Sohrab Khan Sarki
3  PS-3 Jacobabad-III  Mir Mumtaz Jakhrani
4  PS-4 Kashmore-I  Haji Abdul Rauf Khoso
5  PS-5 Kashmore-II  Sardar Ghulam Abid Sundhrani
6  PS-6 Kashmore-III  Mir Shabbir Bijarani
7  PS-7 Shikarpur-I Imtiaz Shaikh
8  PS-8 Shikarpur-II  Moin-ud-Din Pahore
9 PS-9 Shikarpur-III  Agha Siraj Durrani
10  PS-10 Larkana-I  Madam Faryal Talpur
11  PS-11 Larkana-II   Nisar Khuhro
12  PS-12 Larkana-III   Sohail Siyal
13  PS-13 Larkana-IV  Sardar Hizbullah Bughio
14  PS-18 Ghotki-I  Jam Mehtab Hussain Dahar
15  PS-19 Ghotki-II  Abdul Bari Pitafi
16  PS-20 Ghotki-III  Sardar Muhammed Bux Mahar
17  PS-21 Ghotki-IV  Ali Nawaz Khan Mahar
18  PS-22 Sukkur-I  Jam Ikram Dharejo
19  PS-23 Sukkur-II  Syed Owais Qadir Shah
20  PS-24 Sukkur-III  Syed Farrukh Shah
21  PS-25 Sukkur-IV  Syed Nasir Hussain Shah
22  PS-33 Naushehro Feroze-I  Sarfaraz Hussain Shah
23  PS-34 Naushehro Feroze-II  Syed Murad Ali Shah
24  PS-35 Naushehro Feroze-III   Mumtaz Ali Chandio
25  PS-36 Naushehro Feroze-IV   Zia Hussain Lanjar
26  PS-37 Shaheed Benazirabad-I  Mrs. Azra Pechuho
27  PS-38 Shaheed Benazirabad-II   Tariq Masood Arain
28  PS-39 Shaheed Benazirabad-III   Ghulam Qadir Chandio
29  PS-40 Shaheed Benazirabad-IV  Sardar Khan Muhammed Dahiri
30  PS-47 Mirpurkhas-I  Sen. Hari Ram
31  PS-48 Mirpurkhas-II  Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah
32  PS-49 Mirpurkhas-III   Noor Ahmed Bhurgri
33  PS-50 Mirpurkhas-IV  Mir Haji Hayat Khan Talpur
34  PS-51 Umerkot-I  Syed Sardar Ali Shah
35  PS-52 Umerkot-II  Syed Ali Mardan Shah
36  PS-53 Umerkot-III  Nawab Muhammed Taimoor Talpur
37  PS-54 Tharparkar-I  Dost Muhammed Rahimoon
38  PS-55 Tharparkar-II   Qasim Soomro
39  PS-58 Matiari-I  Makhdoom Mehboob-uz-Zaman
40  PS-59 Matiari-II  Dr. Makhdoom Rafiq-uz-Zaman
41  PS-60 Tando Allah Yar-I  Syed Zia Abbass Shah
42  PS-61 Tando Allah Yar-II   Imdad Pitafi
43  PS-62 Hyderabad-I  Jam Khan Shoro
44  PS-63 Hyderabad-II  Sharjeel Inam Memon
45  PS-64 Hyderabad-III  Abdul Jabbar Khan
46  PS-65 Hyderabad-IV  Saleem Arain
47  PS-66 Hyderabad-V   Mukhtiar Ahmed Dhamrah
48  PS-67 Hyderabad-VI  Muhammed Saghir Qureshi
49  PS-68 Tando Muhammad Khan-I  Syed Ijaz Hussain Shah Bokhari
50  PS-69 Tando Muhammad Khan-II  Abdul Karim Soomro
51  PS-70 Badin-I   Bashir Ahmed Halepoto
52  PS-71 Badin-II  Mir Allah Bux Talpur
53  PS-72 Badin-III  Syed Ali Bux Shah
54  PS-73 Badin-IV   Taj Muhammed Mallah
55  PS-74 Badin-V   Ismail Rahu
56  PS-75 Sujawal-I  Shah Hussain Shah Shirazi
57  PS-76 Sujawal-II   Muhammed Ali Malkani
58  PS-77 Tahtta-I  Riaz Hussain Shirazi
59  PS-78 Tahtta-II  Haji Ali Hassan Zardari
60  PS-79 Tahtta-III  Jam Bijar Khan Jokhio
61  PS-80 Jamshoro-I  Syed Murad Ali Shah
62  PS-81 Jamshoro-II  Gianchand Isarani
63 PS-82 Jamshoro-III  Malik Asad Sikander
64 PS-83 Dadu-I  Abdul Aziz Junejo
65 PS-84 Dadu-II  Fayyaz Ali Butt
66 PS-85 Dadu-III  Pir Mujeeb-ul-Haq
67 PS-86 Dadu-IV  Pir Syed Ghulam Shah Jillani
68 PS-87 Malir-I   Muhammed Sajid Jokhio
69 PS-88 Malir-II   Ghulam Murtaza Baloch
70 PS-89 Malir-III   Saleem Baloch
71  PS-90 Malir-IV   Raja Razzaq
72 PS-91 Malir-V   Mehmood Alam Jamote
73 PS-92 Korangi Karachi-I  Rehman Waheed Bajwa
74  PS-93 Korangi Karachi-II  Ms. Anjum Nazir
75  PS-94 Korangi Karachi-III  Mrs. Gule Rana
76  PS-95 Korangi Karachi-IV  Mrs. Rafia Abbasi
77  PS-96 Korangi Karachi-V   Asad Mujahid
78  PS-97 Korangi Karachi-VI   Naeem Shaikh
79  PS-98 Korangi Karachi-VII  Muhammed Haroon Khan Khattak
80  PS-99 Karachi East-I   Lala Rahim
81  PS-100 Karachi East-II   Taj Muhammed Wassan
82  PS-101 Karachi East-III   Ayub Khoso
83 PS-102 Karachi East-IV   Riaz Baloch
84  PS-103 Karachi East-V   Shehzad Memon
85  PS-104 Karachi East-VI   Saeed Ghani
86  PS-105 Karachi East-VII   Zulfiqar Qaimkhani
87  PS-106 Karachi East-VIII   Shehzad Natha
88  PS-107 Karachi South-I   Javaid Nagori
89  PS-108 Karachi South-II  Haji Abdul Majeed Baloch
90  PS-109 Karachi South-III   Abdul Rasheed Noorani
91  PS-110 Karachi South-IV  Syed Najmi Alam
92  PS-111 Karachi South-V   Murtaza Wahab
93  PS-112 Karachi West-I   Liaqat Ali Askani
94  PS-113 Karachi West-II   Humayoon Khan
95  PS-114 Karachi West-III  Mir Talib Brohi
96  PS-115 Karachi West-IV  K. S. Mujahid Baloch
97  PS-116 Karachi West-V   Gull Farooq Afridi
98  PS-117 Karachi West-VI   Waseem Akhtar
99  PS-118 Karachi West-VII  Dr. Shahida Rehmani
100  PS-119 Karachi West-VIII  Agha Zahir Shah
101  PS-120 Karachi West-IX   Naseeb-ur-Rehman
102  PS-123 Karachi Central-I   Faisal Shaikh
103  PS-124 Karachi Central-II  Ms. Shamim Mumtaz
104  PS-125 Karachi Central-III   Idrees Abdullah
105  PS-126 Karachi Central-IV   Jawad Jillani
106  PS-127 Karachi Central-V  Naz Baloch
107  PS-128 Karachi Central-VI   Arif Hussain Qureshi
108  PS-129 Karachi Central-VII   Dill Muhammed Khan
109  PS-130 Karachi Central-VIII   Shahid Hussain
PPP Sindh Assembly MPA Seats Ticket Holders Names and List - Election 2018 a


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